The place where water is born

YAKAMPOT was born in 2002 as an ethical fashion proposal to uplift and preserve Mexico’s textile arts. We find inspiration in Mexican women and the collaboration with indigenous communities to create timeless designs with robust significance and stories we tell through each garment. 

Yakampot means “the place where water is born” in the Tzotzil language. It is also the name of the first community we collaborated with to carry out the artisanal development of the brand. So far, we still work with the craftswomen of the community and have also made alliances with other groups in the regions of Los Altos de Chiapas, the State of Mexico, and Michoacán.

In Yakampot, the creative process of designing new pieces is done collectively. Our multidisciplinary team participates in every step until the clothes are finished. We keep looking for different visions and ways to understand the act of getting dressed and contemporary femininity. Yakampot Iconics are re-editions of our most successful items, modified and perfected through a continuous dialogue with the clients of our brand.

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