CEO of Fine Hotels, Spas & Resorts of the World

“I was born in a family linked to the travel & hospitality business and, at a very young age, I fell in love with the industry to the point that it became a passion. For more than four decades, I have represented leading brands, such as Clinique La Prairie, a pioneer in cellular treatment, Evian Spa, Champneys of the United Kingdom, and Les Thermes Marines of Montecarlo, the first Thalassotherapy Spa created by Monaco’s Royal Family. I have also collaborated with the most exclusive spas in Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 

During the last years, I have witnessed an accelerated evolution of the concept internationally known as ‘wellness’. Nowadays, it is hard to find a hotel chain even considering building a new property without that facility. Undoubtedly, today’s concept of living in health keeps pushing new ideas, and it is also a necessity that will keep growing as long as we live in a world full of stress. 

In my opinion, new luxury is a synonym for free time, and more importantly, what we do with our free time. No one has ever told us what to do with our leisure time. On the contrary, everything is pushing us towards working for success. That is fine as long as we are aware and able to enjoy both. 

Today’s travelers are looking for innovative experiences. However, traveling has always been all about new experiences. My suggestion is to try to be more aware of everything we do, not only when we are traveling, but also in our daily life. T

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