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Hello everyone! 

We are happy and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with New Luxury Magazine in a section dedicated to real estate, which aligns with our purpose of leaving a better world. 

We promote top-notch properties and services that empower the people and communities in which we have a presence and inspire them to seek wellness and maximize the assets of our stakeholders, providing them with confidence, experience, and certainty in each of their operations.

In this edition, we connect you with innovative projects developed by sound companies with triple impact, which own a new vision that contributes to the environment, sustainability, and circular economy. Such is the case of CarbonWave, which was founded to create a line of products made of sargassum derivatives. We invite you to learn how they developed a technology that allows them to obtain and convert components from the oceans into materials with a sustainable finish, working across the Caribbean in a regenerative and decentralized way. 

In addition, we present luxury properties that stand out for meeting ALMAR standards, offering the best ROW (Return On Wellness) from designs that incorporate natural elements in environments aimed at reaching a healthier lifestyle. We focus on encouraging harmony between needs and interests, investing consciously in quality of life, making the return much more than a number, growing on its own, and multiplying. 

We hope you enjoy these articles and feel inspired to look for these features in your future real estate investments because ROW is part of the “New Luxury.”




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