Vincular Astrology

An opportunity to take self-knowledge to a respectful and conscious contact with everything around us in life.

The art of interpreting the energetic influences of the celestial bodies on Earth has been developed by different ancient civilizations for thousands of years around the world. The interpretations that once forecasted wars, droughts and the future of kings got refined over time, and from being purely predictive, they became a tool that helps us understand the energetic cycles that affect all human beings. 

Today, Astrology is a language valued by people from all walks of life, especially those who want to expand their awareness and align with cosmic influences. 

Binding Astrology is an exploration I began to develop every day since 2014, both through my own experience with this language and by walking the path with my pupils. My goal is to provide a guide that leads people to a better knowledge of themselves, which may help find peace in their unique essence, and at the same time, understand themselves within the larger framework each person energetically corresponds to. 

Astrology allowed me to realize that I am part of a greater system and to understand every daily decision and even my perception of myself and how I value myself have an impact on the way I relate to everything around me. This language helped me to change my life for good, and it is my yearning that every single person can explore this knowledge.


Understanding the cycles in which the stars dance in the cosmos can help us to understand our own, being that love, professional, emotional, economic, and so on, and through them, perhaps we get to comprehend and empathize with the people around us.  One way to learn about our individual energetic influences is the study of our birth chart. If explored thoroughly and deeply, it can reveal aspects that generate an opportunity to give a new meaning to our life history.

As with many other philosophical, therapeutic, or spiritual disciplines, astrology can help you to become as loving with the external world as you are with your inner world. My perception is that it magnetizes those who approach this knowledge.

By Gabriela Paulucci

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