Mexico’s #1 resort appoints the winner of Mexico’s “Cook of the Year” as its new star chef.

Viceroy Riviera Maya has announced the promotion of Julio César Chávez Arias to lead the already impressive team of culinary experts at its fine-dining restaurant: La Marea. Widely known as one of the region’s gourmet destinations, Viceroy Riviera Maya stands out for its unique interpretation of traditional Mexican cuisine and customs.  

Chef Julio César Chávez holds a Bachelor’s in Gastronomy from the University of Celaya and is a rising star in the Mexican culinary world. Known as autonomous and acutely intuitive, the self-taught chef will continue to uphold the integrity and standards of the five-star resort, which specializes in elevated local gastronomy through extraordinary flavors.  

Chavez’s wealth of experience and impeccable technique will bring a creative approach to Viceroy Riviera Maya’s enticing and ever-changing menu, using the freshest local ingredients to create innovative dishes. He does not believe in compromising when it comes to flavor, for him healthy doesn’t mean boring, and will be introducing new menu options including vegan and vegetarian dishes.

 “I see all ingredients as opportunities; carrot or caviar- they have the same value in my eyes. I believe a skilled chef can transform anything, and if I’m able to evoke deep feelings within another person through my food, that’s when I know I’ve achieved my goal.”  

La Marea was named in the 2022 edition of the Gastronomic Mexico Guide, a compendium of 250 restaurants around the country edited by Culinaria Mexicana and printed by Larousse Cocina.

Mexico’s vast biodiversity and vibrant cultural traditions are the fabric of its rich gastronomic identity, which has claimed the spotlight in recent years amid the culinary world. Attracting thousands of visitors worldwide, guests at Viceroy Riviera Maya will continue to enjoy unmatched dining experiences rooted in high-quality local ingredients and of course, the utmost regard for the treasure that is Mexico’s culinary legacy. 

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