Trends 2023. Sophisticated, intelligent, and sustainable kitchens.

The core of a home and a space that inspires creativity and gathering. A sustainable kitchen benefits the environment and also the health and quality of life of all family members. 

The sophisticated design of these spaces begins with the selection and effective use of innovative materials that have a natural essence, are versatile, modern, and allow us to know their origin, durability, components, and final destination when they fulfill their useful life.

The search for practicality for this social and gastronomic place has made its islands or bars its protagonists, where quartz countertops stand out, an eco-friendly material as its production process does not emit polluting particles and keeps an efficient use of water. Quartz’s main advantages include hardness and resistance, and it is also a highly hygienic material. This natural stone illuminates and provides elegance to the kitchen, is porosity free, and does not absorb liquids, preventing the accumulation of surface bacteria. 

Another trend in the design of these living spaces is their open distribution, which allows maximum enjoyment of the views, lighting, and natural ventilation. Similarly, the selection of appliances to save energy and water also play a very important role since they account for more than 60% of domestic electricity consumption; we must opt for those that reduce it.

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