30 centuries of art available to all

One of the most fascinating and outstanding places in Mexico City is the Soumaya Museum, a work of art home to thousands of works of art. The museum, located within Centro Carso, in the exclusive neighborhood of Polanco, is the work of Mexican architect Fernando Romero with the contribution of Ove Arup and Frank Gehry, two legends in the field of architecture and design. The structure of the museum, considered amongst the world’s most beautiful, resembles a cloud that moves with the wind. Its ground-breaking structure leaves the old rules behind and is proof of what state-of-the-art technology combined with invention and creativity can achieve. The façade of the museum is covered by a network of hexagonal modules that simulate a honeycomb. The modules do not touch each other or the ground, which confers a floating visual effect.

Walking inside this magnificent structure takes us on a journey throughout 30 centuries of history of Mexico, Europe, and Asia. The museum fosters a remarkable catalog, with collections that range from Mesoamerican and colonial art to works of European masters of the Renaissance, Romanticism, Avant-garde, and Impressionism, as well as Mexican and Latin American art from the 20th century, and the largest collection of Auguste Rodin outside of France.

Besides the main venue at Centro Carso, the Soumaya Museum has two more spots: at Plaza Loreto to the south of the city, and Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa, in the historical Colonia Roma. The entrance to the Soumaya Museum is free, and in addition to the permanent collections, you can always enjoy temporary exhibits and many great activities for art lovers of all ages.

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