The key to rebalancing the global climate begins on the Mexican coast

Carbonwave’s mission aligns with our purpose of leaving a better world to future generations, as part of the new wave of triple-impact corporations which contribute to the economy, sustainability, and the fight against climate change through innovative technology and a wide range of products made of components obtained from the oceans in a regenerative way.

Carbonwave was founded in 2020 to transform the emergency of sargassum into an opportunity. Soon, the first low-carbon, sustainably harvested products were brought to market. These types of products contribute to creating a circular economy by transforming a pollutant into goods for local and international use.

It all started with the creation of Grupo ENSOL Caribe, a subsidiary dedicated to the sustainable collection of sargassum. The company collaborates with hotels, associations, and authorities to protect the shores of Quintana Roo. Next, Carbonwave’s laboratories, located in Mexico and Puerto Rico, developed products that replace toxic petroleum-based alternatives to improve industry standards and reduce emissions.

The starting point was the production of organic agricultural fertilizers that regenerate ecosystems, as well as emulsifiers for cosmetics, and vegan leather for the fashion industry. The next launch will be a technology to print 3D objects made from sargassum. This device will make it possible to create long-lasting goods, such as kitchen accessories, bathrooms, lighting, tableware, furniture, and decorative items.

Carbonwave invites us to get to know the full story behind these products, which will have about 10th of the carbon footprint of traditional ones. 

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