A legendary name in the Mexican architectural tradition

When we speak about Sordo Madaleno, not only are we speaking about one of the oldest Mexican Architectural Firm with an outstanding national and international presence, but we are also speaking about one of the agents that have shaped the face of modern Mexico City and are relevant throughout the national territory and beyond.

Juan Sordo Madaleno founded the firm named after him in 1937. Some of his most famous works are the Saint Ignatius of Loyola Church, the famous hotels María Isabel Sheraton and Presidente Intercontinental, and the facilities of the branches of El Palacio de Hierro Department Store. Today, the descendants of the legendary architect lead a multidisciplinary team, which designs and bring into reality many of Mexico’s most ambitious architectural projects.

Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen

One of the most iconic hotels of the Mexican Caribbean. The Grand Hyatt is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen’s touristic zone and stands out for its style, which blends with the surroundings, and for its famous spa, whose design is inspired by the cenotes, the extraordinary systems of underground caves and rivers that are one of the region’s trademarks.

Chablé Mar de Cortés

The most recent project of Chablé, the multi-awarded boutique hotel brand. Chablé Mar de Cortés adheres to the philosophy of creating hotels where architecture and design play a fundamental role. The brand and Sordo Madaleno are developing a proposal that will play with the desert landscape, offering its guests one-of-a-kind, unforgettable sensations.

Valle de San Nicolás

The mega-project of the Valley of San Nicolás, in Valle de Bravo, is planned to become one of the region’s most exclusive residential projects. The developments will be comprised of 53 two-hectares private ranches, surrounded by waterfalls, forests, and mountains. The residents of this spectacular project will live in harmony with nature and experience unlimited possibilities of enjoying outdoor activities.

Golf Villas Corasol

Corasol is a developing private residential settlement in the Mexican Caribbean. After completion, this exclusive enclave will be comprised of luxury houses and apartments, an exclusive beach club with a clubhouse and a fine restaurant, an 18-hole golf course, and a private amusement park.

Peyote Dubai (interior design)

This lavish haute-cuisine restaurant with a Mexican influence is located in the Dubai International Financial Center. The interior design takes Mexico’s most distinctive artisanal materials and techniques, such as copper, textiles, and black clay, and reinterprets them with a contemporary, avant-garde twist.

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