The multi-awarded, proudly Mexican architectural firm

Central de Proyectos is a Mexican architectural firm established in Mérida, specialized in providing services and solutions, led by architects Ana Laura Puig and Eduardo Calvo.

The philosophy of this architectural buffet revolves around the vision of architecture as a system that creates a relationship between people, surroundings, and conditions, where the creative process is the storyline that tells us how these relationships will work. In 2021, Central de Proyectos won the gold medal at the Yucatan’s 13th Architectural Biennial for Kiki Tulum, a luxury residential development in the Mexican Caribbean.

The firm’s most famous project is the spectacular Chablé Yucatan Hotel, located in the town of Chocholá. Chablé Yucatan’s facilities belong to a historical hacienda. Its design merges the traditional architecture of old Yucatan sisal haciendas with contemporary design. In 2018, Chablé Yucatan was awarded the Prix Versailles as the world’s best hotel. The buffet has also received other important prizes, such as the Interceramic Award for Architecture and Interior Design, the Best High-End Architecture Studio, the AAI National Award by the Mexican Association of Architects and Interior Designers, and the 2nd Latin American Biennial of Landscape Architecture.

Central de Proyectos has been involved in more outstanding works, such as Chablé’s Conference Hall, UNAM’s Museum of Light in Mérida, the Center of Performing Arts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and the Museum of Art of Lima, Peru.

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