POX Drink of Gods

Pox (pronounced posh) is a spirit made of maize, sugarcane or raw sugar, and wheat bran. This beverage is highly valued among the Tzotzil and Tzeltal communities, even though its history traces back to the times of the Mayan civilization when its consumption was ceremonial. The production method is fully artisanal and has been passed down through generations since ancient times. 

The consumption of pox remains ritual and medicinal for the indigenous communities of Chiapas, who consider it a true elixir for the soul. Its name itself means “medicine” in the Tzeltal language. Pox has begun to get marketed and promises to become the next emblematic distilled in Mexico and abroad, such as mescal and tequila.

The mystical origin of Pox comes from maize, a sacred plant for Mesoamerican cultures. According to the cosmology of ancient Mexicans, “Gods created humans from corn dough.”

Tierra Maya honors and celebrates this sacred tradition with a selection that ranges from its clean and crystalline natural flavor to mixed with elements like coffee, vanilla, and cacao, which enhance the tasting experience. We have KOSHER certification, which guarantees the purity of the elaboration process until obtaining the final product. Let yourself be amazed by this ancient delicacy, and enjoy the elixir that will take you to the essence. 

Taste it to celebrate a special connection.


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