The CEO of Birkenstock Mexico shares with us his ideas about the new luxury and how the renowned shoe brand represents these values. 

“In my opinion, conventional luxury, that is, what used to be considered as luxury, is related to extravagance, opulence, and aspirationalism, which translates into the intention of being perceived under a one-dimensional optic, focused on what the consumer receives from the brand. 

The new luxury should meet an exceptional brand value and purchase experience. Quality is also essential for any brand that pretends to be represented as a ‘luxury’ firm, and above all else, a clear distinction concerning other products within the same market niche and a total identification with the values of the brand. 

Sustainability of the product becomes a value, and consumers are increasingly aware of it when it comes to making a purchase choice, from the production methods to the useful life span. Finally, a very relevant fact that sets new luxury apart from conventional luxury is the role of the consumer as an integral part of the brand value. 

In summary, the three fundamental principles for Birkenstock are: product quality, which we know has an extended useful life, translating into a value linked with sustainability, and finally, making the consumer part of the brand value.”

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