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  • Román Weikop
    • President of the Mexican Organization of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

My name is Román Weikop. I am a nature lover and dedicate my life to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife. I soon developed an unconditional love for animals, which led me to study biology. While a student, I had the opportunity to travel to the Mediterranean to work on a project with prey birds. That experience changed my life forever and opened a new path, which I still walk day after day. I arrived in Mexico as part of an initiative to create a Latin American network dedicated to animal rescue. However, I fell forever in love with the country’s beauty and biodiversity.

Just like many countries, Mexico suffers from serious problems related to deforestation, habitat loss, illegal trafficking, and petrification, along with a lack of wildlife rescue programs. When I arrived in the Riviera Maya, I realized I had to do something about it. I started to get in contact with biologists, vets, and people interested in volunteering, and that is how ORGFAS A.C. was born. Today, we are an interdisciplinary group focused on procuring the survival of many species. Thanks to this joint effort, we know dedication and commitment make any objective tangible and achievable. 

We have found many obstacles and challenges along the way. One of them has to do with the legislation on the protection of wildlife. Effort and perseverance have helped us open doors and create synergy to collaborate with authorities, which, at the same time, allows us to work within the legal framework. Currently, we rescue, take care and rehabilitate mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that are hurt, caged, or entered households accidentally. It is an unspeakable feeling to be able to return an animal to its habitat or give a better life to those that, for any reason, cannot be reinstated into nature. We have a zoo ambulance and work with a top-notch vet clinic in Cancun, where we also conduct research and preservation of genetic material. All the attention we provide is free of charge; we work from the heart and receive no support from the government, so donations and most importantly, the participation of society are paramount. 

Every time I come across an animal that is injured, caged, or living in poor conditions, I feel a deep sadness. At the same time, I take it as a reminder of the importance of our job that impels me to carry on with this mission, which has turned into the dream of many, and today it is a reality. 

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