Much more than an industrial city

The vibrant and Cosmopolitan Monterrey is also one of Mexico’s most interesting culinary destinations. The diverse cuisine of northern Mexico, where meat is the protagonist, makes Monterrey a top destination for foodies. However, the culinary offer of the city known as “The Sultana of the North” goes above and beyond. From traditional and representative regional dishes to the most sophisticated signature cuisine, Monterrey is the perfect place to close a business deal, celebrate a romantic dinner, or simply indulge yourself with an extraordinary gastronomic journey through the flavors of Mexico and the world.

La Nacional

The best place to start your culinary adventure in Monterrey. La Nacional is a reference point in the city that honors and preserves the most representative dishes of the local cuisine, with a menu comprised of grilled meat, seafood, and vegetables with the special touch of the house, along with a variety of tacos and exquisite desserts.


The proposal of Pangea blends international contemporary fine cuisine with classical elements of Northern Mexico, plus a selected wine offer. Pangea has been part of the list of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants for eight consecutive years.

 Koli Cocina de Origen

The cuisine of this multi-awarded restaurant takes the ancient cuisine of Northern Mexico and transforms it into a proposal comprised of several tasting and pairing menus of 5 and 9 courses, which take the most traditional elements of Mexican gastronomy to make sophisticated creations, which can amaze even the most demanding palates.

Mar del Zur

Mar del Zur is a signature restaurant that merges two great culinary traditions: Mexican and Thai. The base of its menu is seafood, with some vegetarian and vegan options, complemented with an impressive beverage menu.

Fornera Wine House

A space dedicated to importing the world’s finest and most exclusive products. Fornera’s Wine House’s restaurant offers an exquisite Swiss-Italian menu, and the store offers the widest selection of fine wines from Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.

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