Low-Invasive Plastic Surgeries

Science, technology, and constant training for our medical staff allow us to offer low-invasive plastic surgeries, causing less pain and shorter post-op care, also making them more accessible to the public.

In an interview, Dr. José Manuel Pastrana Figueroa, reconstructive plastic surgeon and microsurgeon of Hospiten Cancun, stated that thanks to science, technology, and medical staff training, every day more people have access to low-risk plastic interventions to improve their appearance. 

There were some myths around plastic surgery in the past. One of them was that procedures were long, costly, and dangerous. The progress of science and the development of technology, systems, and equipment have changed this. An example of this is Hospiten’s Vesser equipment to conduct ultrasonic liposuctions. This technique is safe, low-invasive, causes less pain, gives better results, and requires shorter post-op care.

Dr. José Manuel Pastrana Figueroa, reconstructive plastic surgeon and microsurgeon of Hospiten Cancun

Dr. Pastrana also shared that these new developments lead to minimally-invasive hyaluronic acid facial fillers used to smooth expression lines at the corner of the mouth and between the eyebrows or to fill facial droops caused by accidents or injuries. 

Another procedure that has become more popular over time is the application of botulinum toxin, commonly known as botox, its commercial name. This technique reduces muscle contraction and smoothes, though does not eliminate wrinkles. If this technique is applied customarily, that is, every six months or once every year, you can get a younger, fresher effect.

Dr. Pastrana talked about a new acquisition of Hospiten called “Venus”, which uses radiofrequency to rejuvenate some facial areas, like double chin, cheeks, and neck. This method is not invasive and does not cause pain. 

In plastic surgery, we use minimally-invasive procedures, also called ambulatory. The patient enters the operating room, undertakes the procedure, and walks out. All of this comes with technology and science, and it is also a result of the preparation our surgeons receive through ongoing courses and training programs. The ensemble of all of these factors is boosting the development of plastic surgery.

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