Las Coloradas

A must-see destination for nature lovers

Las Coloradas is a town located in eastern Yucatan, where fishing and salt extraction have been the foundation of the economy. In recent years, the Touristic Park, an extraordinary site that allows you to be in contact with nature and admire the breathtaking pink lagoons, has become one of the country’s most cherished eco-tourism destinations. The park is within the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve and belongs to the list of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP). The pillars of Las Coloradas are sustainability, care for the environment, and social development of the community. The reserve is closely related to the salt industry, as the salt obtention process gives the lagoons their color.

The story began with a grain of salt, thanks to the dream of Mr. Joaquín Roche Martínez, a visionary who established, more than 75 years ago, the Salt Industry of Yucatan, one of Mexico’s largest sea salt producers. 

Las Coloradas implements programs to protect species like the pink flamingo and the white and hawksbill turtles without leaving aside the social aspect and employment generation. Most of these jobs are related to tourist activities, creating a virtuous circle, as locals care more about natural resources when they become their source of income. 

Any time of the year is appropriate for visiting this gorgeous site. Its weather and environmental conditions are unique: the intensity of sunlight, the wind gusts, the movement, and the evaporation of water contribute to giving the lagoons their pink shade. There are many activities available to learn about salt extraction. 

• Safari Tour. Dive into the heart of one of the country’s largest salt industries. You will appreciate the salt production process through evaporation, the formation of salt crystals, and the storing that makes a huge mountain that will make you feel you are on the surface of the moon. 

• Bike Tour. An amazing tour around four crystallizers of pink waters, where you will have the opportunity of admiring a one-of-a-kind landscape and taking pictures of places otherwise inaccessible. 

• Crystallizer Tour. Take a walk around one of the crystallizers.

Make the most of your trip by visiting nearby attractions, such as the fishermen’s villages neighboring Río Lagartos and San Felipe, the Magic Town of Tizimín, the old haciendas, temples, ex-convents, and Cancunito beach.

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