Kris Goyri

Mexican Fashion Designer

The Mexican designer Kris Goyri is a natural talent as he began to show a keen interest in drawing. His closeness to his great-grandmother, who sewed the clothes for the whole family and had a great sense of detail, was his early inspiration and led him to dive into the world of fashion. After first-class training in Mexico and Spain as a clothing and shoe designer, Kris has become one of the landmarks of contemporary Mexican design.

Design that interprets New Luxury as a way to return to the essence instead of the concept of something unattainable and reserved for the elites. New Luxury transcends price tags or brand names but approaches independent, local, and sustainable design, having a direct experience around the story behind each piece’s creation, its materials and finishes.

Each creation of Kris Goyri is thought to be timeless and transcend generations. A brand that contributes to elevating Mexican fashion design, taking it beyond its frontiers.

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