The Mexican master of organic architecture

Javier Senosiain sees architecture as a way to find the perfect communion between the human being and nature. This brilliant creator graduated from the UNAM’s School of Architecture, where for more than four decades, he has been a professor of Design Workshop and Theory of Architecture. Javier has also been the academic secretary at this school.

The purpose of his architecture is to integrate urbanism and the environment, an approach to nature through the use of curve, environmentally-friendly structures, which provide a new experience in terms of combining living spaces with the surroundings.

In addition to his academic activities, Javier Senosiain has developed household and corporate projects, as well as industrial facilities. He has dedicated his life to researching the relationship between living spaces and nature.

Among the most relevant projects of Javier Senosiain we can mention El Cacahuate, El Tiburón, Casa del Árbol, Casa Amiba, and El Nido de Quetzalcóatl, his most outstanding work, whose purpose was to be a residential complex, and today is an exclusive lodge.

El Nido de Quetzalcóatl

Created in 2000 on a surface of 5,000 meters square in the city of Naucalpan, at the northwest of Mexico City. Designed as a tribute to the feathered serpent, the mythical Aztec deity, the Nest of Quetzalcoatl is a space that seeks to integrate the human being and nature with a minimum environmental impact. Adjacent to it, you will find Quetzalcoatl Park, a place designed to preserve this important green lung of the city.

You can live the experience of staying at this one-of-a-kind place, which offers four rooms to accommodate up to six people. The lodge has a fully furnished kitchen and includes a light breakfast. The Nest of Quetzalcoatl is the ideal place to meditate, walk, practice yoga, write and reconnect with yourself within a space full of curvy structures, open halls, gardens, and water mirrors.

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