Come and stay at your home in Oaxaca!

CASA ISDVEY is grounded on the main pillar of our life: family. The quality time we spend with our family and the people we love has become our main value, along with the pride in our roots and the cultural, gastronomic, and visual wealth of our state. Our dream is to share a piece of the great legacy of our ancestors. In CASA ISDVEY, we want our guests to enjoy the warmth for which we are renowned. 

Our concept is based on the desire that you and your dear ones enjoy your days at your house in Oaxaca, walking down the streets and admiring the city’s spectacular architecture, breathing the fresh air of the mornings and evenings, enjoying the magical sunsets, and ending the day under a thousand stars. We want our guests to feel at home, either by staying in one of our gorgeous rooms or by tasting the extraordinary culinary experiences through our breakfasts and exclusive wine or mescal pairing dinners, designed by Chef Yesenia Pérez, an expert in traditional cuisine, who also offers cooking classes where you will learn the best-kept secrets of one of the most celebrated gastronomic traditions from Mexico to the world. 

Each of our rooms has a proper name, which is related to the essence of CASA ISDVEY and the cultural roots of our family and the State of Oaxaca. 

In terms of the interior design, every detail is thought to enhance the beauty of the textures, textiles, and the unique and representative works of art of Oaxaca, many of which have a special meaning to us. If you like one of our pieces, we will gladly put you in contact with the author and keep supporting the local economy. To round an unforgettable experience, our exclusive amenities are made with natural and organic ingredients. 

It will be a pleasure to welcome you to your home in Oaxaca!

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