Hospiten commemorates World Hug Day for its emotional benefits

The health group invites you to recover this gesture that brings so many advantages to physical and emotional health.

The Hospiten Group joined the commemoration of World Hug Day on January 21, a gesture that symbolizes the work of the entire organization and has the meaning of a global hug, the maximum expression of care, union and affection and which, in addition, brings innumerable benefits to emotional health.

Hugs are a beneficial source for human beings, mainly for their mental health, but also for their physique. There are numerous international scientific studies that have analyzed the effects of giving a hug and that have resulted in the importance of maintaining this contact.

Several scientific studies conclude that the benefits of hugs go beyond the emotions and directly influence people’s health. Hugging also helps trigger a hormone called oxytocin, known as the love hormone, which is a neurotransmitter that acts on the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain, fostering feelings of joy that reduce anxiety and stress.

Stress reduction, blood pressure control, strengthening of the immune system, improvement of cardiovascular health, reduction of fears, improvement of mood or pain reduction are just some of the benefits that give people or receive a hug.

For the hospital group, this day is key in their calendar, because this gesture is symbol of the health institution, forming part of its logo through a circle with two differentiated colors that represents the abstraction of a hug.
For this reason, Grupo Hospiten recommends always celebrating by giving and receiving big hugs that.In addition to improving certain aspects of physical and mental health, they help generate moments of happiness thanks to the increase in serotonin levels (known as the ‘hormone of the
happiness’) that cause.

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