Germán González Bernal

CEO of Maison Kayser and President of CANIRAC.

The successful restaurant entrepreneur speaks about his brands, goals at the forefront of CANIRAC, and strategies toward an industry with social and environmental responsibility, in alignment with a new awareness.

Today, consumers’ preferences have made corporations focus more on sustainable practices. Environmental responsibility has evolved from a fashionable word to an element that defines customers’ preferences. Maison Kayser contributes with its “grain of flour” from different fronts. One of them is the packages we use for delivery service, and some disposables we stopped using, such as straws and solid waste management. 

Our brands are Carmela y Sal, Vuelve Carmela with Chef Gabriela Ruiz; Tzuco, a restaurant in Chicago in collaboration with Chef Carlos Gaytán and Maison Kayser, our flagship brand, a concept born in France of which we have more than 40 branches in Mexico and six in Spain. The Maison specializes in homemade bread of the highest quality, a menu of traditional French dishes, Mexican classics, coffee, desserts, and catering.

This is my second year as president of CANIRAC. The chamber has three main purposes, representing and standing for the guild’s interests, communicating our values, generating knowledge, and promoting training programs for workers. An element that makes a difference that I have supported as president is how we treat our staff and the opportunities we provide so they can develop, grow and have a better life. 

From my point of view, luxury has to do with quality and planning that reflect on the final product, excellent service, and top conditions. Likewise, luxury is creating spaces for yourself and having free time, in one word, balance. In recent years, life has taught us that everything can change at any time, and the lesson we learned from these experiences is that we must know how to adapt to unexpected situations. We have also learned to take pauses and think about what really matters.

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