The President of the Longines Global Champions Tour Mexico Board shares his vision of new luxury, along with the challenges and rewards the prestigious tournament has generated after its first post-Covid edition.

 “There is no question that the pandemic radically changed the concept of luxury. In my opinion, new luxury is enjoying the simple things; having the freedom to work from home and choose your own schedule without the pressure of going to an office is a luxury that also relieves stress and helps you become more efficient. 

The Global Champions Tour is a dream come true. We’ve had an excellent response from the moment we conceived the idea and carried it out. The Mexican audience is knowledgeable and knows about this sport. After a two-year pause, the 2022 edition of the Global Champions Tour proved to be a consolidated event and one of the best in its genre despite the hiatus. I can safely say that it is among the world’s best equestrian competitions. 

One of the reasons for the success of this edition of the Longines Global Champions Tour Mexico was the enthusiasm of the people after two years of not being able to enjoy an event like this. The long wait and the opportunity to share with friends and loved ones again generated great energy. 

We are deeply grateful to the public as well as to Mexico’s Ministry of National Defense for giving us all their support and for opening the door of the spectacular Campo Marte one more time. The Longines Global Champions Tour Mexico would not have been the same without that support. 

Every year comes with new challenges and opportunities to grow and improve the event, generating a better atmosphere, and above all else, a one-of-a-kind spectacle for our public.”

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