One of the world’s best climbing destinations

Nuevo León is blessed with astonishing nature and topography, which make it one of the world’s most important rock climbing destinations. The Sierra Madre Oriental crosses the state and confers it with whimsical hills, mountains, and walls ideal to practice this fascinating sport at all levels. 

Potrero Chico

A unique geological formation of limestone cliffs, some measuring up to 2000 ft. high, is part of the Sierra Madre Oriental. The area once was under the sea, and you can even find fossils in the rocks. The climbing area is at the entrance to the park, comprised of the limestone cliffs that form the outer perimeter, and the interior is a virgin mountainous wildlife area.

Potrero Chico is considered one of the world’s top 10 mountains to practice sport climbing, with hundreds of established trails and many more to be discovered.

Puente de Dios

Galeana is one of Nuevo Leon’s most breathtaking towns, and proof of that is this magnificent work of nature called Puente de Dios, a natural arch of 15 meters high and 30 meters in width, which is the result of the erosion. Puente de Dios is a favorite for extreme sports lovers and climbing enthusiasts. A river runs under the bridge, which the visitors enjoy during the summer, and the bridge also crosses over a canyon that you can walk through.

Cañón de la Huasteca

Cañón de la Huasteca is the ideal scenario for rock climbing lovers, and the good news is that it is only 10 minutes away from Monterrey. Located in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, Cañón de la Huasteca stands out for its climbing trails for beginners and experts. The canyon has climbing gear installed and among its many attractions, the most outstanding are Pico Pirineos, Pico Independencia, and Cueva de la Virgen, a tunnel that crosses the top from side to side. 

El Salto

Located in La Ciénaga de González, El Salto is a canyon with walls up to 400 meters high, which features astonishing caves and trails. The area, which offers approximately 500 trails, is located 1 hour and a half drive from the famous Potrero Chico valley. The site has walls with all orientations, and you can climb every day of the year and practice a variety of styles. A place that will captivate you and make you come back again and again. 

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