How would you describe the New Luxury?

It is something that goes beyond selling a product. Consumers don’t base their purchasing choices on a product’s appearance or content anymore. Today, those choices are based on the story that comes along with the product and the experience it brings to its consumer. This results in making sure that we are creating experiences that connect with the heart of our consumers, and that is what new luxury is about.

How do you relate the concept of new luxury with Mexican distilled spirits?

The experience of consuming a distilled drink, such as mescal or tequila is closely related to history. For instance, it takes at least six years from the moment the agave is sowed before a young tequila reaches your table. This story elevates our products way above items that are produced and reach the final consumer in a short period.

The waiting time and the production process involve the lives of many people, families, and the wisdom of generations full of culture, history, and tradition related to agriculture, the knowledge around agave growing and making of distilled spirits.

The story also involves the treatment the agave receives throughout the entire process of planting, harvesting, and transformation and, at the same time, the treatment we give to the people involved in such a process.

Tell us about the importance of designations of origin on your products.

Designations of origin help us protect the value of products like mescal or tequila since they prevent other countries from copying our products and selling them under the same denomination. Designation of origin becomes a shield that protects the authenticity of our products.

From my point of view, designation of origin is the most important feature of mescal and tequila categories.

Of all the products of your brand, which one is the most significant for you?

The product that represents Abyex Global is the Tequila Clase Cuarenta y Cuatro since it tells us a story that begins with the care we give to the agave fields, the number of kilograms of agave per liter of tequila, the fermentation process in sealed, fully hygienic fermentation vats, and a distilling process that is different from the usual and results into a product of excellence, which goes along with the concept of new luxury.

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