Dr. Italo Sampablo, corporate medical director of Hospiten in Mexico receives recognition from the Anahuac University

Thanks to the agreement between the Universidad Anáhuac México and Hospiten Cancún, students from their fourth year of medicine can complete their training at the hospital facilities with supervised internships.

The Anahuac University has recognized Dr. Italo Sampablo, corporate medical director of Hospiten in Mexico, for his five years of teaching work and the boost they have given to teaching together.
For more than 13 years, Hospiten Cancun made an agreement with the Anahuac University of Mexico, thus becoming a university hospital. Since then, the hospital has housed medical students starting in their fourth year so that they can complete their training.
Since 2009, the future doctors of the Anahuac University carry out their clinical practices at Hospiten Cancún, supervised at all times by specialists, and rotate through different areas such as Pediatrics, Gynecology, Surgery or Internal Medicine. These conditions stimulate the professional and human growth of both students and teachers.

This has allowed students to be trained by the best specialists. As an example, one of the first students in this program is today part of the Hospiten Cancún staff and has become a prestigious surgeon.
The University has recognized Dr. Sampablo for his excellent teaching work and the impulse given to teaching within his usual clinical activity.

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