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Mexico is a palette of destinations for all tastes. Heavenly beaches, big cities, museums, art, culture, nightlife, and places that give shelter to our souls and invite us to dedicate some time to rest and introspection, as well as broaden our knowledge of Mexico and the world. Discover some ideal places to reconnect with yourself, renew and recharge with positive energy, and learn more about the planet we inhabit.

Tepoztlán Morelos

Tepoztlán is a village located only one hour away from Mexico City and one of Mexico’s most famous Magic Towns, internationally renowned for its whimsical mountain formations.

The history of Tepoztlán traces back to ancient times, during which several important pre-Hispanic cultures converged in the valley. Today, Tepoztlán is a destination full of history, magic, mystery, and mysticism. Visit the Dominican monastery and the traditional market, walk down its cobbled streets, and if you enjoy a challenge, hike up the Tepozteco hill, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and visit the archeological site on its top.

Tepoztlán is full of yoga studios and places oriented to spiritual practices and esotericism, restaurants that offer vegetarian, vegan, and even pre-Hispanic meals, as well as handicrafts and independent design boutiques, coffee shops, and a collection of charming boutique hotels and spas, which turn Tepoztlán into the perfect place to spend a journey of absolute rest. 

Hacienda 1800 Cuatro Ciénegas Coahuila

An authentic Oasis in one of the world’s most intriguing environments

¿Sabías que la reserva de Cuatro Ciénegas, en el Estado de Coahuila, es un sitio de alta prioridad para la conservación? La UNESCO le otorgó a este tesoro natural de México la categoría de sitio Ramsar, o humedal de importancia internacional, que se le confiere a este tipo de ecosistemas cuya protección es de máxima prioridad. 

Cuatro Ciénegas es uno de los sitios en el mundo con mayor relevancia para estudiar los orígenes de la vida y la evolución de las especies. Las condiciones de vida extremas, conocidas como ambientes extremófilos, también son invaluables para la astrobiología, la ciencia que estudia la vida más allá de la Tierra, ya que brindan a los científicos un panorama de cómo la vida puede prosperar en medios donde las condiciones son distintas a aquellas donde habitan la mayoría de las formas de vida que conocemos. 

Uno de los atractivos principales que ofrece Hacienda 1800 es el paseo a las Dunas de Yeso. Durante el periodo Mesozoico, el estado de Cohauila formaba parte del mar de Tetis, un océano que llegó a ser tan grande como el continente asiático. Hace unos 60 millones de años, este cuerpo de agua empezó a desecarse, y en la zona donde hoy se encuentra Cuatro Ciénegas, este extinto mar dejó dunas de yeso en su estado más puro. Admira la blancura casi irreal de estas formaciones únicas en México como parte del programa de actividades de Hacienda 1800, que incluye safari truck, caminatas guiadas, picnics y sesiones fotográficas. 

Maravíllate con el abanico de lugares por ver y descubrir en uno de los lugares más asombrosos de México, con la calidad, experiencia y amor por este fascinante destino de Hacienda 1800.

Hacienda 1800 is the ideal place to stay and the best starting point to get to know this unique and enigmatic destination. This spectacular boutique hotel of 37 rooms is an authentic oasis in the middle of the desert, which offers top-notch services and is surrounded by history and nature, where you will find the best tours to live an unforgettable experience in Cuatro Ciénegas.

Huasca de Ocampo HIDALGO

The State of Hidalgo stands out for its historical and natural wealth. Its geological complexity provides spectacular landscapes and a range of ecosystems that goes from mountain rainforests to grasslands and evergreen woods. 

From a historical point of view, Hidalgo is home to some of the country’s most ancient archeological sites, and its mining past makes it the state with the largest number of Magic Towns. One of these special towns is Huasca de Ocampo, where man and nature created one of the most fascinating to discover in Mexico’s central region. 

Walk along the cobbled streets, admire the extraordinary colonial architecture and visit the Parish of St. John the Baptist, built in the 16th century by Augustinian friars. Visit the haciendas of Santa María and San Miguel Regla, which also offer luxury accommodations in historic rooms. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a day tour of the basaltic prisms, a collection of hundreds of polygonal rocky formations that grew out of a volcanic eruption millions of years ago.

Isla Mujeres Quintana Roo

Isla Mujeres is one of the first places in the Mexican Caribbean to be inhabited. Its name comes from the time of the ancient Mayans, who designated the island as a worship sanctuary for the goddess of fertility, Ixchel. 

When the conquistadors arrived on the island, they found some woman-shaped sculptures and called the island after them. Today, Isla Mujeres is an alternative to the bustle and endless party that usually characterizes other destinations like Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Stay at one of the luxurious and exclusive boutique hotels and enjoy the exquisite local cuisine, mainly composed of traditional dishes made with sea ingredients. During the day, you can rent a golf cart and take a tour around the island, relax on Playa Norte, one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, dive into the Underwater Museum of Art, and visit Contoy Island, a natural reserve and national refuge of wildlife. 

Malinalco México

An essential place to visit if you want to dive into Mexico’s pre-Hispanic and colonial past.

Enjoy a journey full of cultural activities starting with a tour of the Parish of the Divine Savior and the Augustinian Monastery, which foster gorgeous wall paintings made by indigenous artists. Continue your trip with a visit to the traditional market, the University Museum Dr. Luis Mario Schneider, and the Cultural Center. Let yourself be surprised with a pre-Hispanic culinary tour. 

When you travel to Malinalco, don’t forget to include in your itinerary the two sites that make it world famous: the sanctuary of Chalma, which receives thousands of pilgrims every year, who go to ask for a miracle to the image of Christ located in its interior, and the archeological site, which stands out for the Cuauhcalli, or the House of the Eagles, a ceremonial center dedicated to initiation rites of jaguar and eagle warriors and is the only monolithic construction of Mesoamerica. 

Lagunas de Montebello CHIAPAS

The Lagunas de Montebello National Park is the perfect destination for an eco-touristic adventure. In addition to its breathtaking beauty, the 52 lagoons and more than 6,000 hectares of forests home to hundreds of animal and plant species, many endemic, are invaluable for biodiversity conservation and research. 

Lagunas de Montebello is internationally famous for the astonishing shades of its waters, which range from turquoise and emerald to deep blue and violet. This incredible palette is the result of a combination of the soil components of each lagoon, the vegetation, and the refraction effect according to the depth of each water body. 

The park offers two wonderful exploration routes full of fascinating activities. You can swim in some of the lagoons, and the reserve is an extraordinary place for hiking, kayaking, boating, and bird watching, as the zone fosters some of the most beautiful and exotic species, such as the green and red macaw, the woodpecker, the Mexican trogon, and the quetzal, the bird of paradise of the Mayan world. 

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