Chef Carlos Gaytán

One of the world’s most renowned Mexican chefs shares his insights about his career and connection with Mexico’s culinary arts.

The story of Carlos Gaytán could be portrayed in a book or a movie. His effort, natural talent, intuition, enormous creativity, and love for Mexico’s culinary roots made him the first Mexican chef to obtain the prestigious Michelin star. Carlos talks about Tzuco, in Chicago, the new chapter of his prolific career, and his love for Mexico’s flavors and ingredients.

Tzuco pays tribute to my hometown, Huitzuco, in the State of Guerrero. The restaurant’s concept is comfort food but portrays the recipes my mother cooked at home and the traditions of my childhood, when the family sat around the table, where there were different dishes to share. We aim for our clients to live that experience. 

My homeland is my main source of inspiration.

Throughout my professional trajectory, I have cooked the stories of my youth, the flavors close to my heart and with which I captivate the palate of many people wherever I go. Bringing together these tastes and techniques with those of French cuisine involves a creative process where the dish, and of course, the people who enjoy it, are the winners.

Mexico is one of the most culturally and naturally diverse countries that translates into flavors and ingredients you cannot find anywhere else. The fact that Mexican cuisine is UNESCO intangible heritage makes sense as it is one of the world’s richest and most influential. It is a pleasure to witness the most renowned chefs be delighted with our dishes, as well as finding native elements like tortillas, mole, and our traditional herbs in the most famous restaurants. Finally, our gastronomy reflects our character, warmth, and love for our customs.”

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