A look to Works that never saw the light

Architecture is one of the most fertile fields for creativity and innovation, even though creating an extraordinary project does not necessarily mean completing it. There are great works that for one reason or another never become a reality. Some of these projects are so fascinating that they make our imagination fly and wonder how they would have revolutionized the world of architecture. We present you three projects that are far from realization, but make us dream about the possibility to witness them see the light.

Project: Burj Al Alam

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Author: Nikken Sekkei Architectural Firm

Its name means “The Tower of the World”, it would have had 108 stories comprised of a corporate area, shopping center, restaurants, apartments, and a luxury hotel. Its most appealing feature is its top that resembles an opening blossom. Financial conflicts related to the global crisis were the reason why the project was cancelled for good in 2010

Project: Crystal Island

Location: Moscow, Russia

Author: Norman Foster

Designed with the idea of creating a city within the Russian capital, only a few miles away from the Kremlin. Once finished, the Crystal Island would be the world’s largest building, and would foster theaters, museums, shopping centers, schools, corporate facilities, private apartments, and a hotel. The project would be built with thermal materials and have sustainable energy system.

Project: Chicago Spire Tower

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Author: Santiago Calatrava, Perkins and Will

The construction of the Chicago Spire Tower began between 2007 and 2008, and it would have been a mixed-use development, with a corporate area, condos, and a hotel. Sadly, the project had legal and financial problems from the beginning, and was abandoned in 2009. Currently, there is a plan to build two residential towers and an urban park in the property.

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