An Adventure unforgettable in Dunas de Yeso

The best way to enjoy one of the world’s most unique places

Hacienda 1800 invites you to an unforgettable soirée. Allow our expertise and love for Cuatro Ciénegas to take you on a fascinating journey in a breathtaking landscape. After a guided tour in our Safari Truck and capturing the best moments, the best wrap-up is a picnic as the afternoon slips into the evening. 

Enjoy the sunset on the white sand while enjoying a glass of delicious wine and the finest cheese, snacks, and desserts accompanied by your family or friends. Give your significant other a magic experience that also includes a romantic setting with rugs and cozy cushions, red roses, a floral arrangement, and lighting. After coming back from any of our expeditions to the amazing attractions of Cuatro Ciénegas, Hacienda 1800 will be waiting for you with an extraordinary culinary offer comprised of a selection of Haute Mexican cuisine dishes at our restaurant Palmeira, where you will taste breakfasts, lunches, and dinners carefully prepared to pamper your palate. 

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