It is an honor for ALMAR to start a new chapter through a collaboration with New Luxury. This section will be dedicated to the exciting world of Real Estate, seen from a social point of view, with purpose, awareness, sustainability values, and a keen interest in leaving a better world than the one we received. We understand New Luxury as living with passion and intensity but with love and respect for the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

From this space, we will present to you articles and properties that link Real Estate with our love for care and respect for the planet. “Real Estate With Soul” defines us as a group that puts its heart ahead in its real estate practice and is guided by a love of neighbor: clients, investors, and collaborators.

In this edition, we feature a conversation with Matteo Mornaghini, an architect who has perfectly coined the concept of “Return on Wellness” (ROW) in the design and construction of a beautiful residence in Puerto Morelos. We talked with him and wrote an interesting article about this project, which we hope will inspire and motivate you to look for these characteristics in your future real estate investments. ROW also incarnates the essence of the New Luxury. 

We also present to you some properties that comply to a good extent with ROW standards, and that we consider being excellent investment opportunities. We hope you enjoy this section as much as we have enjoyed doing it in collaboration with our friends at New Luxury.




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