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SHA is an integral detox wellness clinic focused on approaching common disorders, such as sleep disturbances, aging, stress, and smoking. We help to maintain optimal health to enjoy life at all its potential. Our integrative method combines the most advanced eastern and western medicine techniques to approach health issues from different perspectives. 

Our methodology is one-of-a-kind. While other wellness clinics center on detox, sports, or yoga, we combine all these elements, plus nutrition and state-of-the-art medicine oriented to rejuvenating, sports medicine, stem cells, and revitalizing medical treatments. Our highest principle is that these components do not make sense isolated, and it is necessary to combine them to reach ideal health. 

Time and health have become the true luxury in a world that moves at a frantic pace, as they allow us to enjoy and make the most of life. The base of our business model is well-being tourism through SHA Wellness Clinic and SHA Residences, Real Estate.

Time is an invaluable asset, and people want to capitalize on their free time through transformational experiences, which help them to improve their life quality and at a personal level. 

About the upcoming opening of SHA Playa Mujeres

Before choosing this destination, we evaluated dozens of locations. Playa Mujeres is blessed with long, white-sand beaches and turquoise waters; the ethnic nature that has been preserved and improved; year-round tropical weather, a geographical location that makes it accessible for the North and Latin American markets with one of the region’s most connected airports. Last but not least, the characteristic hospitality of its people. 

Our focus has been the Wellness market since our beginnings. SHA is much more than a business to us, it is our way of living, and we feel passionate about facilitating others find health and well-being. We do not want to offer just fine experiences but help people to transform their lives. 

Based on our experience with SHA Residences Mexico, where we had an unprecedented response, we plan to work with clients from North and Latin America and Europe, as was the case with the SHA Mexico Residences. The project consists of second houses where their owners will spend several months a year.

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