The place where the water gushes

Ajijic is located between the mountains to the north and the lake of Chapala in the State of Jalisco. Its picturesque architecture and gorgeous landscapes, along with an annual average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (72F), considered one of the best climates in the world, and its exclusive real estate developments, have turned this Magic Town into one of the most coveted places for nationals and ex-pats. 

Founded in 1531, its name comes from the Nahuatl Axixic which means «where the water spills» or «where the water gushes», it is one of the oldest towns in Mexico.

Its streets are narrow, cobbled, and colorful, with a great variety of beautiful murals in some of its streets. The sounds and magic of the town are everywhere: church bells, horse hooves, the crowing of roosters at dawn, the band playing the mañanitas, the song of the ice cream man, and the characteristic sounds of a Mexican town.

Ajijic continues to maintain its Mexican identity, while at the same time offering tourists a variety of hotel, B,&B, and restaurant services in abundance, probably more than in any other Mexican town of its size.

Its privileged location, 40 minutes from Guadalajara (the second-largest city in Mexico), surrounded by mountains and the beauty of Lake Chapala, its streets full of color, with its beautiful murals and cobbled streets, restaurants, galleries, shops of clothes, B&B, and coffee shops, make this town the ideal place for vacationing or for establishing your new home.

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