Un recorrido por las mejores zoA trip around the country’s best coastal zones

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries, and Mexican beaches are cataloged amongst the world’s most beautiful. Besides the spectacular world-famous resorts, our country keeps secrets reserved for those who long to go beyond the traditional and want to explore to the full everything Mexico has to offer. Take a chance, step out of the ordinary and get to know destinations that might not have the fame and marketing strategies of the mainstream places, offer first-class touristic services plus spectacular shores and landscapes that will make you live unforgettable days.

Celestún, Yucatán

Celestún is located just a little more than an hour and a half drive away from Mérida, and it is the perfect location for eco-tourism lovers. The main attraction of this natural paradise is the Ría Celestún Natural Reserve, which becomes all pink between December and February with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of flamingoes. You can hire a boat tour around the reserve and get to know the Island of the Birds, the Mangrove Tunnel, the water springs, and of course, you will have the privilege of sighting these beautiful pink birds. The rest of the year, you can also enjoy Celestún’s beaches and magic sunsets and walk around its picturesque streets, which put Celestún in the list of Mexico’s Magic Towns.

Boca del Cielo, Chiapas

Without a doubt, Chiapas is one of Mexico’s most culturally and naturally diverse states. Thick rainforests, wildlife, ancient Mayan cities, Magic Towns, exquisite culinary, and handicrafts are some of the aspects of this incredible state. However, it goes unnoticed for many people that Chiapas also features breathtaking shores and beaches, and Boca del Cielo is one of them.  Imagine being in a place nestled between the sea and the rainforest, enjoying a virgin beach of fine sand, surrounded by the exuberant nature of Chiapas.

San Carlos, Sonora

Located two hours away from Hermosillo, San Carlos is an enclave where the desert meets the ocean, resulting in surreal landscapes full of whimsical rocky formations, cactus, and other desert plants, sand dunes, and views of the Sea of Cortés, considered by National Geographic as the “world’s most spectacular ocean views”. San Carlos offers plenty to see and do besides enjoying its gorgeous beaches like Los Algodones and the delicious seafood. Explore the Cajón del Diablo Natural Reserve, take a boat trip to the San Pedro Nolasco Island, which is home to sea wolves, exotic birds, and an enormous diversity of marine life. Let yourself be captivated by the sunset skies that turn into pink, orange, violet, or even deep red.

San Pancho, Nayarit

San Pancho is a few minutes away from Sayulita. It is a peaceful fishermen town with gold-sand beaches and an active social, cultural, and sporting at the foot of the Southern Sierra Madre in the heart of Riviera Nayarit. San Pancho’s national and international society has created a mosaic that blends with the Huichol culture and its extraordinary art, along with coffee shops, bakeries, art galleries, and one of Mexico’s most exclusive polo fields that offers classes of this sport and fosters national and international tournaments.

Mazunte, Oaxaca

Oaxaca has it all, including some of the most stunning beaches of the Mexican Pacific. Mazunte is the ideal place to get yourself lost for a few days or entire months. Gold sand beaches, vegetation that merges with the emerald sea, yoga centers, and exclusive boutique hotels. Enjoy a sunny day at Mermejita beach, take a tour around Ventanilla Lagoon, and witness a beautiful sunset at Punta Estrella, Mexico’s southernmost point. Mazunte is also an important sanctuary for marine turtles that arrive every year to lay their eggs and fosters the Mexican Museum of Turtles, a space dedicated to preserving and creating awareness on the importance of protecting these extraordinary creatures of the sea.

Bacalar, Quintana Roo

This list would not be complete without the Magic Town of Bacalar, one of the crown jewels of the Mexican Caribbean and the ideal place to spend some days in a relaxed atmosphere, far from the mass tourism typical of this area of Mexico. Bacalar’s most famous attraction is the Lagoon of the Seven Colors; swimming into its waters makes us feel calm and connected with our primordial essence. However, this paradise has much more to see and experience: visit the Blue and Cocalitos Cenotes, the San Felipe de Bacalar Fort, practice water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, or sailing and walk around the archeological site of Chaccoben.

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